Instagram Sees Boost in Download Numbers as Use Grows in India

TikTok might be the trending app of the minute, yet Instagram use is still expanding, particularly in India, where TikTok is still banned, and Instagram Reels has taken its area as a vital video platform of choice.

That’s according to the latest data from Sensor Tower, which has actually published its Q4 2021 application efficiency monitoring report, which shows that Instagram had its best quarter for downloads considering that 2014, with app mounts rising 10% over Q3.

As you can see below, TikTok, which has actually led the download charts for the past two years running, was still in high demand, yet Instagram saw a large boost on Android, which was greatly led by Indian individuals.

As per this graph, 39% of Instagram’s downloads in Q4 originated from India, where Meta has actually been pushing Instagram as the best option for TikTok, which, at one stage, had greater than 200 million Indian users, before it was banned by the Indian Government due a boundary conflict with China.

The growth of Instagram in India provides brand-new chances in a vital development market for Meta. The business has been functioning to build its presence in the area for several years, and also take advantage of the nation’s 1.4 billion people, which is currently the second-largest smartphone market on the planet, trailing just China.

India’s digital change is still in a relatively very early stage, and if Meta can enter currently, it stands to amass substantial take advantage of that presence, as well as Instagram now seems offering a key port to its numerous offerings, including company exploration, eCommerce, as well as extra.

As well as it additionally aids to improve Instagram’s total numbers, as TikTok continues to equal the app for young individual focus– though it is likewise worth noting that TikTok was still the most downloaded app on iphone by a long way.

From a digital advertising and marketing perspective, that suggests that regardless of Instagram’s overall growth, TikTok is still most likely the vital application of focus for young individuals in your region. Yet it is worth noting Instagram’s continued rise, which might at some point see more developing focus on the Indian market, and also producing products as well as features lined up with Indian use.

For the complete year, TikTok led the way in international downloads across both app shops, with Facebook and Instagram taking the second as well as third places specifically.

Clearly, TikTok has a strong hang on individual focus, yet do not allow that fool you into crossing out IG right now, which might still recover the overall leading place for young target markets moving forward.